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  • Is your badminton racket lacking in POWER?

  • Are you wondering why you’re not PLAYING as well as usual?

  • Are your shots not SOUNDING as good as they were?

  • Are your strings LOOKING old and worn or FEELING dull?

  • Are you irritated by your strings MOVING?

  • Has your shuttle CONTROL deserted you?

  • Or have you simply BROKEN a string?


If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then your badminton racket needs restringing. Having your racket restrung by a professional stringer can transform your performance, increase your confidence and bring the fun back to your game, giving you…

More POWER, More CONTROL, Greater FEEL and Greater TOUCH On The Shuttle


To understand your strings and the role they play better, click here

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To understand your racket and your needs as a player,

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Prior to stringing, your racket will be checked thoroughly through a magnifying glass for the following:

  • cracks or signs of wear on the inside and outside of the frame

  • wear on the outside of the grommet

  • cracks/splits on the inside of the grommet

NOTE: A crack in the frame passing through a grommet, too high a tension, or excessive frame damage means the racket frame will likely break if restrung and this is a risk customers must be aware of!

If the string is still in the racket, then we pay particular attention to the area where a string has broken and the general wear of the string. We also look for potential causes of the break and other areas that could potentially cause a future break.

The small plastic grommets play a significant role in prolonging the life of your string. Wear on the outside can result in frame damage, especially for those players requiring high-tension stringing. A split on the inside of the grommet can result in the string touching the frame. Pressure from a mis-hit can result in the string pushing against the frame which has sharp edges and breaking. It is therefore important they are checked and changed frequently.

We can repair and/or replace racket handles if required, obviously at extra cost, as with grip replacement.


Every player has their favourite type of grip. It is impossible to stock all makes and types of grip but we do carry a good selection. Should you require a particular grip, as with strings, we are happy to order in, although please allow 2 days for delivery.

Our grip service includes:

  • removing old grip and the glue residue from the racket handle.

  • Building the grip size if you feel your existing grip is too small.

  • Replacing worn grips with new

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